Admiration, appreciation and inhalation of beauty is one of the most profound and amazing parts of the human experience. The biggest and most unnerving personal growth that happened to me while travelling around Europe was the unavoidable and persistent evolution of the way I saw each and every facet of life in my own new, unique way. My interpretation of everything has been coated in a sweet, translucent veil of honesty so that now I can truly trust my eyes because my vision makes a detour to my heart before the images reach my brain.
In structures, I have begun to see the beauty in the history as well as the appearance. The long hours of hard work by thousands of men, hundreds of years ago. Each one determined to show up every day so he could have enough money to provide the people he loves with as much comfort as possible; each brick laid with a sort of selfless dedication that can transform a house into a personality. I mentally credit the architects as much as the labourers which may have no physical effect, but soothes my conscience with that feeling of giving something your most genuine, unprovoked gratitude.
With women, I no longer rate their beauty against the drawn-out and quixotic image that’s been shoved in our faces since we were infants. Instead, I can find beauty in the warmth of a pair of dark emerald eyes, the kind that resonate with my subconscious and flood me with a mysterious nostalgia. The colour reminds me of the deep shade of green that would shine from the pines of the Christmas trees that found their way to the middle of our living room annually, and was reflected onto my family’s faces in fractions by the tinsel and ornaments that encumbered it. It isn’t the colour that sparks this comparison, it’s the way she uses those eyes to look at things in a gentle manner, softening the walls that protect my most positive and cherished memories so that such a thought could allow itself to tumble out with polite appropriation.
I can find more beauty in a girl’s voice than almost anything else in the world. While your eyes may allow you to view the beauty nature has gifted her, it is in her voice that you can find the beauty she has inside of her, the beauty that is unique and separate to every individual. In the right voice you can hear the kindness, passion, curiosity and altruism that’s been collected and garnished personally by each of her own incomparable experiences. In a similar fashion you will find other voices that are laced with arrogance and belligerence, which are equally important as they allow you to juxtapose the two and appreciate the former even more.
In nature, the pure and often convoluted blends of colours and textures that make up our world reveal themselves to me as not only a visual beauty, but a beauty that is reflective of all the eyes that have ever embraced and appreciated that same sky or beach or mountain or flower. I can taste how lucky I am to even just exist with every breath of air, and feel the incredible benevolence of the world every time I skim a stone across the water.
It is only now that I have begun to properly understand the saying, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ It is our perception and connection with everything we do that gives it beauty, and this beauty cannot be measured or recorded as some scientific fact because the most beautiful thing about beauty, is that all of the beauty you take in belongs to, adheres to, and is a reflection of,
Written by Chad Munro 19/09/16

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