I recently found myself face to face with Happiness. She took the form of a perfectly still lake in Norway. To call her placidity serene would be an insult. Gazing upon her beauty felt like a warm, damp, translucent towel had been wrapped around my eyes.
During the day she would beckon me to wade in her prolific and profound waters with the conviction of a Siren’s melody, luring the sailor in my soul to dance with her. Unlike a Siren however, she had no hidden agendas. This was not some tactful rouse; it was a handwritten invitation from Mother Nature presented on golden parchment and sealed with the lipstick of a fallen angel.
I swam alongside sinless swans and agile fish, my smile was as genuine as that of a mother the first time her newborn wraps their fingers around her thumb.
When I paddled, she paddled back. Mirroring my movement, edging me to stay with her indefinitely. Of course, I knew I couldn’t. Longevity robs novelty from perfection, this is why a chocolate cake will always taste better if you only consume a single slice.
At night her interpretation of the moon beamed at me, I couldn’t just see it with my eyes, I could feel it with my heart. She whispered to me with a telepathic voice that spoke not with language, but with emotion and encouragement.
It was this moment that the meaning of Happiness was suddenly revealed to me. It wasn’t a feeling or a temporary joy; it was a complete dissipation of angst and materialistic dependency. She wiped my mind clean of self-awareness and filled me with soothing, honest humility.
There was no longer a category to describe me, I wasn’t a male or a human or a young adult. I was gratitude and glory. Inhaling beauty and exhaling euphoria.
She spoke to me with sincere modesty. She knew that Happiness did not belong to her, nor to me. Happiness was her own God, determining her direction as the world required. She went wherever she was needed and left when her job was done.
You will not find Happiness by looking for it, you have to open your ranch slider, place a saucer of warm milk on the verandah and wait for her. Once your mind is truly rid of greed fuelled facades and your kindness is seasoned with selflessness, Happiness will find you.

Written by Chad Munro 24/06/16

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